TIAN ZHANHONG is a manufacturer of vacuum laminating machines and coating machines with large scale and strong technical strength in China. After more than ten years of hard work, the company has continuously developed and developed TM series positive and negative pressure vacuum laminating machine and MBF series laminating machine, and also produces negative pressure vacuum surface laminating machine, slitting machine and large flat laminating machine. Laminating machine and other laminating woodworking machinery. The company's products have won the trust and support of customers not only in China, but also exported to Malaysia, Iran, the Philippines, Indonesia, Russia and other countries as well as Taiwan and Hong Kong, and are favored by customers at home and abroad.
Mission: pioneering and innovative, sincere cooperation, quality service
Brand core: well-known brand products
Complete after-sales service system: 1. Install and debug equipment in time. 2. Train operators and technicians for you. 3. Provide one-year warranty service for the whole machine. 4, can be customized according to your production requirements. 5. Design the equipment for your actual situation.
Quality: The product has never experienced quality problems since it was put on the market and is well received by customers.
Humanities: Product quality is strictly in accordance with international standards. Can be made according to different specifications of customers.

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